A special find!

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I discovered a great little bar and restaurant tucked away in a delightful location between Guia and Pera on the Algarve coast. If you are close by or visiting on holiday, it’s a ‘must go’! Quinta da Saudade (Farm of Well-being) in the Vale da Parra, is located on an estate of privately owned villas, is quintessentially Portuguese in its style. The barman/manager Jorge was very friendly and welcoming (and easy on the eye ladies!). The wine list was small but well put together and the prices slipped down very well. A generous glass for €2.00 ! A refreshing alternative to the multitude of touristy restaurants and ‘Brit’ bars that blight the coast. Good simple menu with enough choice – for a relaxed evening out, you’ll not be disappointed by the quality or the price. Simply a refreshing find!

Jorge, a great host!
Guest enjoying ‘bonhommie’ and a relaxed evening drink.

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