Home Cured Ham

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Producing home cured ham is incredibly easy to do and so much better than mass produced shop-bought products. To begin with, there are no unpleasant ‘E’ numbers to upset your body’s natural balance or excess water to bulk out the weight and, in so doing, raise the price. Home cured ham simply tastes much better and it’s a fun thing to do.

I buy all my charcuterie products from Weschenfelder in the UK. They are easy to deal with and, if like me, you are living outside the United Kingdom, they will send an order through the mail system for a most reasonable cost. Visit their site at: www.weschenfelder.co.uk

From my butcher, I selected a fresh loin of pork – about two kilos in weight. The meat was submerged in a solution made up with Weschenfelder’s Quick Cure Salts and I added rosemary, bay leaves and black peppercorns to enhance the flavour. The meat was turned daily for four days. At the end of this period, I simmered the meat in a water bath for about an hour. Using a meat thermometer, I checked the temperature until the loin reached 71 degrees centigrade.


Absolutely delicious! Home cured ham!!

Allow the ham to cool before slicing and tasting!! It was succulent with a hint of sweetness and beats any mass produced ‘cardboard’ ham bought in a supermarket.


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