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If you read my last blog, you will know that, probably due to my disco queen display at a party last weekend, I have a problem with my hip that has rendered me immobile. My son’s embarrassment has been addressed – he now believes that there really must be a God!

Come hell or high water, I need to get off this sofa soon and my husband urgently needs me to get off the sofa as further requests for tea, water, food, books, papers, pens, cushions and top ups to my evening glass of wine (imbibed for medicinal reasons, of course!), will not be so solicitously attended to.
I am eager to get back into the kitchen now as during my incapacity, we have supported just about every take-away outlet in the area. And sitting here, I have been researching recipes and compiling new  menus. And as soon as I am able, I plan to make a Ghanaian meal. I have recently been experiencing a strong desire to return to the country of my birth and childhood. I don’t know what is drawing me to make this journey, but I know that it is something I must do soon. In the meantime, the next best step is to cook Ghanaian, so watch this spot – I will report back. I can recall some of the delicious meals prepared by our cook and I would love to relive the flavours and aromas. I remember our garden full of exotic fruit trees/bushes including mango, plantain and paw-paw (papaya). I am lucky that I still remeber so much and I think all these wonderful recollections have resulted in my life long desire to visit new destinations and learn about other cultures, which in-turn developed my love of food and cooking. Conversely I had to learn to cook (as did my brother) given we were both born of a mother who can’t cook / won’t cook. My mother treated food as the enemy – it was a necessary evil and to be avoided if at all possible. If a tablet substitute had been invented, she would have been at the head of the queue. I think I’ve made my point, so I’ll go no further. Suffice to say, I am the opposite. As soon as I had charge of my own kitchen, the sky was the limit. I have always been very social and love to entertain. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing food with friends and family – the bubble of conversation, wine filling glasses, laughter and relaxed ‘bonhomie’. A meal around a table gives us time to talk, time to share our day or experiences. I think food should be promoted as the mortar of life – it can bond friendships and build bridges. It should be encouraged as a much more valuable tool in nurturing a cohesive family life – good communication helps understanding and understanding helps harmony and if we are harmonious in our lives with friends, family and colleagues, then the world has a better chance of living in unity. Okay, that’s enough – I’m off my soapbox now! I didn’t quite mean to go down that path right now, but there you have it. Its the core message of my blog. Food is fab! Growing it, choosing it, thinking about it, preparing it, cooking it, sharing it, eating it. The washing up of it, alas, is not so fab! If every cloud has a silver lining, then mine at the moment is that I can’t stand at the kitchen sink. 

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