Memory Lane – parties and pigs!

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It looks like I’ll be glued to the sofa today. I had lots planned, but the man in the sky, clearly had other ideas. Or maybe, it’s just the natural onset of advancing years – a trapped nerve in my hip (and very painful it is too) has rendered me inert. I have no idea how it happened – maybe attempts (once again to the utter embarrassment of my son and probably Peter) to be ABBA’s Dancing Queen at the weekend, have caught up with me. Oh, the power of wine! I’ll dwell there no longer – I am trying to be a good patient but I think by the end of the day, my husband will have lost patience and I may end up wearing one of the cups of tea that I keep requesting! Anyway, I have my ipad to distract and keep me company. Scrolling through old photos, I thought I’d post a few and share some good ‘foodie’ memories.

Pig – “OK, you guys I surrender!”

Jean-Pierre – ” mais Oui, Je suis Francais! Le chasseur et un chef extraordinaire.”

This little piggy went to market but didn’t die in vain. It was the centre of attraction at a Summer party we held at Le Moulin de Longueil (our watermill/chambres d’hotes) on the banks of the River Saane, in Normandy about five years ago. I am a serial organiser! I love entertaining friends and preparing food. I do get stressed and although I will moan at the time about pressure, I thrive on the buzz and I like having friends around me. There is nothing more joyful than sitting down to eat with good food and company. I can’t recall exactly what we put before our guests on that particular day, but I know it was well received. With barbecue king Jean-Pierre and much help from my great friend and chef Mac, we assembled a feast.
Mac with ‘poussins’!

Chefs turned entertainers!
Jean-Pierre, Mac and Poet, Robert

Recipe for ‘La belle vie’ – good food lovingly prepared, wine carefully chosen, proper friends, God’s sunshine, music and bonhomie – simply the salt and pepper of life -GOLDEN MOMENTS!

Another cup of tea (husband still amenable) and moving on down memory lane, here are a few more photos of parties with pigs. We are now in Portugal and enjoying the ‘porco preto’ – the Monchique black pig.

Peter with friend and French chef, Francois. 
He thought he was visiting for a holiday!

Peter serving suckling pigs with homemade sausages. 
Perfect pig and crispy crackling after 7 hours on the spit. Ours is a manual 
barbecue, so dedicated attention and patience is required but the end result
is the ultimate reward.

Barbecue Summer 2012 at The Grape Vine in Algarve, Portugal.

Francois was our neighbour and local restaurateur when we lived in France. He is a dedicated ‘gourmand’ and I have been fortunate enough to learn from and enjoy his french country cuisine. He is the embodiment of a ‘bon viveur’ – we have had much fun at his table and he will always be welcome at ours. In another blog, I will rave about his home produced ‘foie gras’!

If you’ve got this far down the page, thank you for your patience. I don’t know how my husband’s patience is bearing up but I’m going to risk a request for another cup of tea! I think he has retreated to the garden. He will be thankful when I’m off the sofa, back in the kitchen and able to operate the kettle myself.

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