Food – The Mortar of Life!

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I was woken this morning before the crack of dawn (04.15 hours) because our Labrador decided she wanted to start the day early. If she trys it again tomorrow morning, she might, just might end up in a tin. Joke …. I think! Deciding not to go back to bed, I made a cup of tea and turned on the television. The news station delivered endless tales of war, unrest and violence in just about every corner of the world. I was so disheartened and saddened that I turned the ‘box’ off and picked up my ipad and this is what followed. Cooking and writing are my therapies – and it was a bit early to clatter around in the kitchen. My husband might have despatched me directly to the dog box – soon to be vacant if she barks again at 4am tomorrow morning!

I named my blog ‘love food 2 love life’ because I firmly believe that we have to love food to make the most of our lives. Food sustains us – it’s the fuel of life, the foundation on which we build our lives and, ultimately, the mortar of life.


Most of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford sufficient food to nourish ourselves and our families. Alas, this isn’t the case worldwide and I am still alarmed to learn how many thousands of people go hungry every day, even in the developed world. It’s a huge problem and one that I am not qualified or equipped to address or comment on too deeply – but it’s of sufficient concern to me, to get on my soapbox, and spout a few words! It greatly affects me to see that a significant number of world leaders/governments do not understand the fundamental importance of ensuring their people have enough to eat. They don’t see the benefits that would be derived by having a population fit to work. Food is the fuel to power the mind and strengthen the body. The strong body can then plan and think more clearly, learn and, in turn, have a greater chance of feeding the family.
Through personal experience and travel, I have witnessed corruption and greed at all levels of government/authority. This is the core of the problem as aid agencies across the continents struggle against the officials of the countries they are there to help. I’ve seen it and I have experienced it. Funds are swallowed up before they reach the ground. If the governments that rule the countries with critical food shortages were to concentrate and work harmoniously with those that come to help them, then we would have some of the seeds for world change. Alas, funds that arrive from external investment designated to improve the lives of the population, are often manipulated and diverted by officials for personal gain and the funding of war. I have hated to witness such greed and corruption. Greed is a cancer that corrupts. I am one small person on this planet, but I would like to plant a seed here.
I embarked on this subject after switching on a news program this morning. It troubles me to hear, once again, about all the violence and the wars that are escalating in the world right now. Why do so many take up arms so readily? I can find no acceptable answers. I am a mother and I can only pray for a bright, peaceful and compassionate environment for my son and his generation to live in. I am helpless to do anything on a grand scale, but if I  can send out a message to promote peace and unity through the enjoyment of food, then that’s a step in the right direction. Eating together gives us time to be with family and friends, time to listen and time to grow together. It really is the mortar of our lives. Communicating can solve problems and a problem solved around the table can help us to go more peaceably into our world. If we, and our governments, were to place more importance on this simple ritual, we might have a more harmonious planet on which to live together. Naive? maybe!

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